Monday, 4 August 2014

Hello August

Nice to see you again!

Here is a little bit happening with us at the moment.

New Friends
Both Nevaeh and Jiedyn have made really good friends at school and kinder this year. After having a coffee with a few of the mothers of their new friends I'm excited by how inviting they have been with the kids friendships. Jie is befriending boys and is enjoying being one of the boys. This is new to us because Jie has always hung out with girls. His best friends of the last three years have been girls. Just recently he has been socializing, going to the footy and having sleep overs with his new buddies! I'm loving the journey and am so happy for him.

Head Lice
Ick I know but head lice are becoming a kindergarten reality around here this year. Every Sunday I have been treating Nevaehs hair and every Sunday I find bugs. When reporting it to the kindergarten they put up a sign beside the sign-in book asking parents to check their childrens hair but that doesnt seem to be working. Every week sometimes twice a week I am sectioning off parts and thoroughly putting the comb through it. The bugs and Nit's just wont bugger off! Anyone with some good ideas about prevention please come at me and leave a comment below! Thanks a lot!!

School/Kinder Photos
It's that time of the year again! Nevaeh had her photo taken last week and Jie will be getting his done soon too. Family and friends reading wanting a copy please let me know. Thanks.

For the past two months I have been hosting an Instagram photo challenge similar to #fmsphotoaday but inspired by 1000 gifts (#joydare). Every day there is a photo prompt. The aim is to capture God's gifts to match the theme daily, add the hashtag and thank Him! Together we are finding God's blessings in our every day and we are loving Him for them. To join in check out #godsgiftsaugust on instagram.

Uncle's Wedding
That's right! My Uncle is getting married and guess who's invited?!! I'm so totes excited for him and to be invited. God is so good. I can't wait to see him and meet his beautiful wife-to-be! I just know the wedding will be stunning, I'm thrilled!

Whale Watching
The villa is now booked for our one night getaway next weekend! We are going whale watching!!

Worm Farming
Mel's the farmer! Literally!! Hahaha..

This one is pretty amazing. Some fabulous person on Instagram created a photo/donation challenge for the month of August. Basically each day there is a prompt and you've gotta find, buy and fill a box/bag of goodies and donate it to a local charity of your choice. Today's theme was "Kitchen". Check out my instagram (@melofbacchus) to see what I put in my box today for someones kitchen! And join in!!

Sovereign Hill
Jie will be on his way to Sovereign Hill tomorrow morning. Praying he gets there safely, enjoys everything the place has to offer and returns home safe and sound. I don't doubt he will have a blast!! He'll love it!!

Nevaehs Pediatrician Apt
Which reminds me, I need to check the date. Catch up with whats going on with Nevaeh here and here. Thre three month wait is almost over. Time to get some answers!!

Friends Again
God is so good. 6 months later. Friends again. Prayer answered.

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Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

Ugh, lice. My daughter starts kindergarten next month and it's things like that I'm NOT looking forward to! But have a great time on the whale watch - I'd love to go on one too!

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