Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Potato, Bacon and Silverbeet Crustless Quiche! Yum!

After receiving two boxes of fruit and veggies last weekend from a beautiful friend from high school (in Brisbane), Nevaeh and I have been having fun creating juices, eating healthy, cooking and getting active together while Jie has been at school!
Nevaeh picked a few different fruits for her juice yesterday!

Little Miss also requested avocado on toast for Lunch!

After lunch we spent an hour at the park.
 Today while looking for Silverbeet recipes online I found a great website with simple how-to instructions. I had never cooked with or even heard of Silverbeet until today so I was thrilled to try something new. Nevaeh and I made Potato, Bacon and Silverbeet Crustless Quiche using this recipe.. And with enough for two small quiches we decided we would give one to our beautiful next door neighbors seeing as we planned to visit them today anyway. Nevaeh liked it but when it came to the 'green bits' it was mind over matter. I'm certain that if I fed it to her blindfolded she would have eaten a whole slice but instead she left the silverbeet to the side. 

Tomorrow I might use the fresh rhubarb (which to I have never cooked with either) to make something sweet for dessert. I have no idea what yet but I'm sure I will find something tasty! 

Thanks again Bec for the two large boxes of fruit and veggies and for giving me the opportunity to create new and unique meals I wouldn't have the opportunity to cook otherwise.

Bless you Bec!

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Angel Fuchs said...

I have no idea what silver beet is but that quiche sure looks tasty! Yum.

Nicole Budiman said...

What did you end up using the rhubarb to make? I wish I had have read this earlier, I would have suggested apple and rhubarb crumble! One of our faves! Your quiche looks delicious too.

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