Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Road to Healthy Eating..

Just yesterday while checking out a few videos on Faith It I stumbled upon an amazing (life changing) video. This is a rare occurrence for me to be spending time watching online videos but for this reason it was worth it. This video really rocked my world. Its no secret that my daughter has an eating disorder. She constantly wants to eat, gets a sore belly during and after she eats and never gets the 'full' feeling. While some changes have been made reality is that we still eat junk food far too often than we should be. Wednesday's have become our fish and chips night as Nevaeh finishes Kindergarten at 5pm. This in our usual start-dinner-time so they're bellies are hungry. Looking for a quick fix the local fish and chip shop owners have gotten to know us this year due to our weekly Wednesday visits. I also buy take away sometimes twice a week on top of that. Check out the video here..

So after looking up the website and starting to read a few of their articles I was awoken to the fact that I need to create a healthly lifestyle for my kids, and with all this new knowledge I can. With our weekly shop just around the corner I began writing down the list they have on their site. I added things and took off what I know my children definitely wouldn't eat and jotted down some tips on the back. I did our weekly shop and got majority of the list.

Last night I made a chicken stir fry using all fresh ingredients. I substituted white rice for brown and to my surprise the kids actually ate it! We have also swapped all our bread and biscuits to wholegrain and this week have bought a few varieties of nuts to munch on.

What shocked me more was how much it cost to stock our fridge and pantry. My weekly shop is generally around $80, where as yesterday it was $120. For $40 more we're on our way to better health with plenty of good nutritious food.

We are doing one thing at a time with an aim to..

a. Make Half Your Plate Veggies And Fruits
b. Be Active For 60 Minutes
c. Limit Screen Time To One Hour
d. Drink More Water And Limit Sugary Drinks

So far water is the in thing and I'm encouraging more fruit and veggies. Brown rice is also checked off but the kids are not so keen for the multi-grain bread yet with both of them taking white bread to school today. After the last 6 sliced of white bread are through it's onto the good stuff! Also in their lunchboxes today were strawberries, banana, multi-grain crackers and pretzels. Also sugary spreads are out with chicken meat in.

While we still have a long way to go, I'm excited to be making the change. I'd hate to think that I was the reason my children become obese one day..

Thank you Strong4Life for the wake up call!

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