Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nevaeh's New Diet..

Nevaeh is currently 4 days into her new diet. After being diagnosed 5 days ago with Fructose Malaborption she is now on the low FODMAP diet. The first few days after her diagnosis I was over whelmed, stressed and very tired. I researched and made it my priority to reach out to others with FM. I joined two facebook support groups within Australia and discovered two other Mum's in the area whose children are on the low FODMAP diet. The group was amazing in providing me info, directing me to an app for my phone and sharing recipes etc. On the third day I broke. Her new diet requirements look like this..
I went shopping and was completely overwhelmed with how restricted she was. While there is now quite a large range of Gluten Free products most have milk solids in them. Both Aldi and Coles don't have much in their ranges although I did get luckier at Foodworks but at a price. I bought around 25 items for $130. Savory things that I found that didn't have milk or wheat in them, let me down by having onion or garlic powder which are both out.. The bread she needs is close to $7 a loaf of about 10 slices. She only likes it toasted. While it's tasteless the texture is what she doesn't like. It's hard. Banana's were a maybe but she seems to be eating them okay which is a win for us. Today I bought a deep freezer to start making my own sauces, soups, lunchbox snacks, bread and bread rolls. Everything has to be made from scratch. Nevaeh is embracing the change quite well while I'm still hoping to wake up to this all being a very bad dream. I am however thankful to the people who have stepped forward to help and support me and my family so early after her diagnosis. Thank you all. My Dad surprisingly has been an amazing support also. So thankful for him in our lives. While this is just the beginning I'm excited to be able to give my child her needs. To see her smiling and pain free. She has changed so much already. That in itself is a blessing..

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Em Callaghan said...

Goodness, that's so much to take in. Big lifestyle changes take some time getting used to, especially when price and availability works against you. Am wishing much love & luck in settling into it. I've only just started reading your blog but you seem like an incredible mum.

Cheers Em

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