Monday, 11 August 2014

Our One Night Getaway!

Our one night family adventure to Warrnambool was exactly what we all needed. Staying one night only we managed to fit so much into a day and a half. Here's what we did in the order of when we did it..

Dad picked us up at 8am
Got lost on the way there.
Went to Logan's Beach Whale Nursery
Went whale watching.

Had Lunch at Lake Pertobe.
The kids had a twenty minute play on the Adventure Playground.
I checked us in to the Big4 Hopkins River Holiday Park.
We went to Gateway Plaza to buy dinner and snacks for later.
We pumped bait where the Hopkins River meets the sea.
We went back to where we were staying.
We sat down and unpacked a few things.
The kids watched a bit of TV.
They then rode the bikes/go karts around the park twice.
We then played Mini Golf.
The kids made some friends.
They went to jump on the Jumping Pillow.
Dad and I had a few drinks and had a game of Mini Golf.
Dad went fishing before it got dark.
The kids and I went in the heated pool and spa.
We went back to our villa for showers.
We had hot dogs for dinner.
The kids watched Pirates of the Caribbean.
Dad caught two fish.
Nevaeh and I went to bed early.
Dad and Jie stayed up eating lollies.


Nevaeh woke us all up.
We layed in bed chatting for an hour.
Jie loved the bikes.
Nevaeh loved the spa.
We got up and got dressed.
The kids had cornflakes for breakfast.
I stripped the beds and cleaned the cabin.
We checked out at 10am.
We made our way to the Hopkins River Falls.

The kids loved the falls.
We made our way home.
We didn't want to leave.
We got home at around 1pm.

All in all we all had an amazing time together. Most of all I was impressed with how much effort Dad put into making memories with me and the kids. He did a half an hours worth of fishing by himself and the rest of the time he was with us. I love spending this time with him and having my kids looking up to him just as I did at their ages. It was so special and unlike any of our previous trips. Definitely the best so far!!

Would also just like to thanks and highly recommend the Big4 Hopkins River Holiday Park. The staff were wonderful and full of fun which makes all the difference when staying at their park. You can really tell they love there jobs and generally want their visitors to have an amazing time in which we did. Thanks again you guys!!

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Nicole Budiman said...

Great photos Mel... and some great memories :D

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