Monday, 21 October 2013

10 Weekend Blessings..

10. A stereo in our bathroom. I don't know why I never thought of it before. Music that echoes and fills the house with our favorite radio station {Smooth FM} or music for when we shower or bathe. It truly is a blessing! 

9. Fresh cut lawns is at number nine for two reasons.. One is because the way the weathers been I have had to start cutting it every fortnight again. And two is because when I do, a feeling of great accomplishment runs through me. I fit in with my neighbours who have it done weekly or even a few times a week by their maintence guys.

8. Being able to stay connected with those I never want to lose contact with. Facebook, twitter and instagram now all have people I care about using them and I am so thankful to have a way to stay in touch, to encourage and to be encouraged. Most of these beautiful friends I consider to be my family.

7. A washing machine? Yes and not only a washing machine, but one which provides us with fresh clothing. I remember when I first moved here, having to hand wash and soak clothes. This weekend I got all of our bedding, clothing, towels, rugs and mats clean and smelling good! With a little help from Google I also learned how to get the tough spaghetti sauce stains out! I now actually enjoy washing and get a thrill when I hit the bottom of our laundry basket!
6. Baking and cooking as a family. Teaching them the basics for everyday living. Teaching them recipes I learned as a child, creating our own unique meals then praying thanks for all that we have. After showing them a video of starving children their ages in Africa the word "starving" is banned from use as it now carries a new meaning. We are so so blessed to have access to good nutritious food and don't ever want to take it for granted.

5. Our neighbourhood and community is absolutely amazing. This weekend the kids connected with 8-12 kids from around the area. We invited them into our backyard to play football as we could see them playing on the road close to a blind corner. On Saturday night 6 boys between the ages of 8-12 were teaching Jie how to kick a footy and were playing "mark is up". It was good to see my kids interacting with them, learning new things and having fun. Its awesome to be a part of a community which allows us to freely interact with mixed races and religions. So so blessed to be part of a community where our neighbours know our names and local businesses remember our "usual". This really is the lucky country!

4. Being blessed with dinner and a whole linen cupboard of linen! Towels, sheets, doona's plus doona covers and pillow cases, face washers etc. You name it.. We have it! Today I went through my stuff and two and a half bags are going to a friend who is really desperate for blankets. I'be been so blessed to now be able to help her! 

3. The gift of prayer. And a gift it is! Not just being able to pray, but to be able to pray with and for my children. Nevaeh and Jie's prayers are really starting to reflect who they are. I love listening to them as they thank they're heavenly Father for things that matter most to them. To pray for their friends and the family we never see anymore.. Its just beautiful. Prayer is another one of those things that we unite as a family and do together. I just love and treasure it so much!

2. Courage. Little word, massive meaning! This weekend I have had to be courageous. And even more than usual. I had to speak out to protect my children's exposure to alcoholism and drug use within our family. I have had it on my heart for quite sometime and I finally had enough courage to say it. Hardest thing, but I am so glad I did. I think it's been a massive wake up call to this person who thanked me for my honesty and integrity. I hope to see this person finally be all that they can be both for themselves and for my children to love and look up to!

1. Time to myself. Time to think, to plan, to study, to reflect on my children's individual needs. Time to shower, to worship, to enjoy my own company to read and to relax.. As much as I love being a Mum, I must say I have really started to enjoy loving the me I have become!

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Susan Evans said...

What a wonderful thing it is to list what we are thankful for! I love that you mentioned prayer as one of them! :)

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