Sunday, 6 October 2013

School Holidays: Day 16

Today, the last day of the September school holidays has been and gone.. Next school holidays we will be celebrating Christmas. The kids are all tucked up in bed and I'm sitting here with a cuppa tea beside me all ready for a brand new semester of school. This morning I had really nothing planned except that the kids needed to clean up their rooms. BORING! But as the day went on I had a great idea. One I think we may do every school holidays seeing as it went so well. I got the kids to bring out their toy boxes and our community toy box which usually stays in the lounge room for when our friends visit. I got them to tip them out and gave them each 2 plastic bags. One for rubbish and the other for toys that they no longer wanted. Everything that was their would go into their toy boxes. The kids actually had fun doing it. Finding hidden treasures they hardly ever play with and putting them aside for after..

Once they had finished, the floor was completely bare and their toy boxes half of what they were. The bags of things they didn't want were then swapped with each other to go through and see if they wanted to add anything to their boxes. Then they individually tipped out their toy boxes once more to see what they wanted to share with their friends who come over. Nevaeh was very generous while Jie is at an age where he likes having his own things and being in control of things (just like his mama..). The rule still remains in our home that we always have a choice to share with the exception of the community toy box which must be shared. I've found that by having that choice, it gives them a chance to be responsible for their things as well as an openness to actually want to share instead of being forced.. I just love it when they do. Makes me proud to know that it comes from their heart and not from my mouth!

While the kids were busy doing their thing, I made muffins in preparation for the week to come. Beetroot and mint scent filled the air as I whisked all the ingredients together. They turned out beautifully and the kids tried and loved them. The mint had them both saying how they tasted like toothpaste. As you can tell, we don't eat a lot of mint but sometimes it's good to have something just a little bit different. Check them out!

I'm actually looking forward to going back to school and so are the kids..
Are yours?.. 

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Heather said...

I got here through Bloggy Moms. I love the title of your blog.
That's a good way to sort out toys.

Rebekka said...

What a great idea. I think I shall do the same with Aaron's toys :)

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