Saturday, 5 October 2013

School Holidays: Day 14 part 1!

As the school holidays are drawing to a close and finally the weather was on our side after the shocking wind we'd had for four days straight, I decided a sunny 26 degree day would be perfect weather to take the kids to the Melbourne Zoo. We left home at 9am and caught a bus to the city, from there we caught a train to Royal Park and excitedly talked about all our favorite animals, what they ate and were they lived. Walking toward the Zoo it became clear that we were in for an hour (plus) wait.. The line stretched on and on as we walked past a sea of frusterated faces. The kids became a bit niggly mainly due to the sun exposure and no shade and just after 12pm we walked into the Zoo!
 Once inside we found a nice little place to sit and eat lunch. This was also the perfect time for my famous "Expectations speech" to set clear guidelines about how we act at the zoo. It was also a great time to get our maps out, check out a few animals we really wanted to see and what ones we didn't. 
 The meer-cat family was the first thing we could all agree on. Nevaeh used her beautiful manners to get right to the front. From this moment, and from the amount of people around the enclosures I could see, I knew it was going to be a very long day and a day to really focus on keeping my patience as well as my eyes on both kids all the time.

 Around the next corner, there was a friendly giant we all were not expecting. I saw him first over a few trees and made a special effort to get the kids really very excited about whom awaited them.. Chewing on acacia leaves the Giraffe was a big hit with the kids.. They watched and wowed they're long necks! It also didn't take Nevaeh long to find a few black and white Zebra at the foot of them either. Zebra was one of the few animals she mentioned on the train over that she really wanted to see.

 Jie was in charge next, reading his map (up-side-down) to know exactly where to go he navigated us to his favorite animal. There is no second guessing his favorite for those who know him and have been in his room should know that his most beloved animal to own two walls of his room would be none other than the beautiful Tiegr..

The next thing to jump of the page at Nevaeh was the merry-go-round. Her and I watched Mary Poppins just two nights before so once she had her little eye on that, there was just no stopping her!!

I got a great little video of the kids on the couresel on my instagram. Your welcome to view it right this way.. It sure was a joy to watch both of my children on there for the first time..

After the kids got off of it we went to freshen up. Toilet runs, water bottle refills and a quick play on the playground before making our way to see the Butterflies. Walking in I had forgotten just how hot and humid that place was from the last time we visited. Beautiful butterflies everywhere but so many faces and sweaty bodies didnt make this visit all that exciting. Looking for a way out I promised the kids an icy pole.. No sooner I said it they were both looking for the exit..

With icy poles and smiley faces I got to choose the next destination. And the Elephants were my pick of the day. Knowing that not so long ago a baby elephant made news headlines I was just dying to check him out! He was cute but too popular so we opted for one of the other pretty ladies who had walked off to make her own fun. We followed her for a bit instead of joining the massive croud watching the baby cool off in the pool.. She was just magnificent..

From there we went to check out the newest addition to the Zoo.. Around the corner we were taken to a sandy area with a beach feel. With seals dancing under water, sting rays to see and touch to the marching penguines, this little fun pace had us all having fun!

Unfortunately we missed out on the seal show upstairs but the kids didn't seem to interested anyways so it was onto the apes for more fun in the sun..
Although only one photo was taken in this area we spent a significant amount of time fascinated with the orang-utangs. How they ate, and swung.. How they played and were so much like humans was an incredible sight to see. We just sat and watched for at least 20 minutes...

The last thing on our list of things to see were the frogs and the reptile house. Because the entry and exit were the same area, I allowed Jiedyn to take Nevaeh in by himself and show her around. They spend about 10 minutes of alone time until I went in to check on them and I saw Jiedyn guiding his sister and teaching her all he knew about snakes and lizards. It was a rare glimpse into how they interact when I am not around. Jie held her hand in some areas and reminded her to use her manners. I loved watching on as they made their way towards the crocodile enclosure together. I got a few photos from behind as they were busy looking...

Towards the end I got a few more photo's of Jie upon realizing that I didn't have very many so he posed with a croc and posed like a lizard.. Too much fun for my one and only son!

A family day was exactly what we all needed.. With school starting for each of us on Monday it was great to just enjoy each others company and to leave fresh in the kids minds as they go back!!

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