Monday, 7 October 2013

How to follow blogs with Blogger..

Today a new friend (Stephanie) from one of my networks, new to blogging asked the question of how to follow blogs using blogger. I thought that because I ran through it with her today that other may be asking the same question. So here is a run-though - how-to!! with a few screen shots to show you how it works! 

To follow people you have two options.. Your first option (and the easiest way) is by joining their site. All you do is click "Join this site" and you'll receive all the updates of your desired blog via your dashboard which I'll explain more later..

The second option, which is a bit fiddly but if you really like the blog it's worth the muck around.. First you copy the blog your interested in followings url (website address above the page) as shown here..

To copy, click on the area, then right click the area and select copy. Then return to your dashboard which can always be found at and scroll down to where you see the "Add" button..

Click on that, right click in the box and select "paste". The url (website address) should appear..

Now all that is left is to follow! So you guessed it! Click follow!

When following blogs, the updates of the blogs you now follow will all come up on your dashboard as people write new posts.. You can follow as many blog as you like and all blogs you follow will be listed on the left hand side of your blogger dashboard..

I hope I have covered all questions you may have had in regards to following new blogs using blogger. If not please just send me another quick reply and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

If you would like to ask me another run-through - how-to question please email me at:

Only too happy to help!

5 replied:

floodproofmum said...

Nice to meet you Melissa. Your kids are gorgeous! I admire your strength to overcome your childhood. Your message is inspiring,

Stephanie Oswald said...

Many thanks to ya! I have seen that follow button everywhere but thought it was for google+. So thank you, this really helped.

Lizzy Allan said...

Hi Melissa - thanks so much for joining my site. I joined yours a couple of months ago (you probably didn't know who I was then!) I love your blog and the background with all the baby photos is so gorgeous :)

Laura Stephenson said...

That's certainly a handy tip... I have seen far too many blogs without a follow option at all. Personally, I prefer the BlogLovin platform for following, but that's because I can read my followed blogs with their mobile app. Blogger doesn't let you do that. But if there's no BlogLovin then I use Blogger.

Valerie Beattie said...

Hi guys, I saw your link on Diary Of A Brown Eyed Girl. Your blog is so cute :) .. I am a Mormon Mama (in Scotland), it makes me super excited to connect with bloggers across the world. Google friends connect is not available for new blogs it seems. I was on typepad and shifted to blogger and cant get the same button you have (if you know of a way please let me know lol). Have a great weekend.

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