Monday, 27 January 2014

Australia Day at Sanatorium Lake..

The day started off slow with a good Aussie breakfast of Vegemite crumpets and orange juice to the sound of Pop (my dad) rustling his newspaper, The Herald Sun.

In the distance the sound of cockatoos and in the next room the sound of the kids watching Storm Boy, a fabulous Aussie film from the 70's.

When Dad had finished reading the sports section he and I picked a few horses out of the form guide and listened to them lose on his little sports radio.

But if anyone knows my Dad they would know how much he can't stand sitting in the one spot all day. Adventure is in his blood. He loves the outdoors and if the weathers fine you won't find him sitting on the couch.

So in the car we hopped for one of Poppies wild adventures ending at Mt Macedon's, Sanatorium Lake.

Famous for it's incredible reflections it was a beautiful little spot to explore and look for a koala or two.

On the way home, just past Gisborne we saw a large family of Kangaroo's close to the road in a paddock. We slowed the cars down so the kids could have a better look and Nevaeh was excited to see a baby joey in one of the roo's pouches.

Fish and Chips was decided for dinner and would you believe, not one drink. 

Almost un-Australian.
Good Morning Australia!

Good morning Daddy-O!

Dad and the kids reading a map.

Dad and Nevaeh walking through the rainforest.

The stunning Sanatorium Lake at Mt Macedon.

The same photo - Flipped.

My beautiful Aussie Babe.

Nevaeh's cute little neck tat.

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Laura Stephenson said...

I always love your photos. You have a lot of talent there.

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