Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Swimming Milestones..

 Milestones to remember about today..

  • Jiedyn leaning to swim underwater
  • Nevaeh wearing goggles for the first time
  • All three of us in the big pool together
  • Nevaeh swimming in a pool floatie on her own
  • Nevaeh and Jie jumping into the big pool together and at the same time

Other fun things I saw today..

  • Nevaeh taking selfies with the underwater camera
  • Jie trying to dive and belly flopping or front flipping underwater
  • Nevaeh looking up to Jie and wanting to try the things she sees him do
  • Jie sunbaking pool side
  • Nevaeh jumping out then back into the pool at least 30 times
  • Nevaeh telling me to swim away because she can jump in by herself
  • Jiedyn introducing his little sister to his friends
  • Jie helping Nevaeh to the steps 
  • Nevaeh wanting to swim without her floatie ring
  • The kids enjoying an icypole
  • The kids patiently waiting 25 minutes after their snacks to go back into the pool
  • The kids being kids and making each other laugh
  • Independents of both of my kids wanting to do for themselves
  • Smiles and lots of them

2 replied:

Prairie Wife said...

Loved the underwater pics, I need to do that this summer! SO funny to see warm and sunny outside pictures when we have snow and barely 0 degrees Fahrenheit here in Wyoming!

Artist said...

beautiful pictures reminded of the summer fun ahead.

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