Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Complete a Certificate. Check!

This goal has been on my bucket list for a very long time now. I have always been good at everything but not really good at anything. I put 'Complete a Certificate' on my blog bucket list after I hit a hurdle with another course I attempted when Nevaeh was young. I was feeling like a failure. I havn't completed anything since being in year 10 and getting my junior certificate.. 10 years ago. Everytime I attempt a course I always get excited to start but end up dropping out due to needing to be home with my kids. You see I have never had the luxury of a babysitter or even family to take care of my kids so I can have some me time. I've never known what it's like to just pick up the phone and have a family member on the other end ask me what they can do to help. Even when I was with my husband he was unreliable. He had a drug and alcohol addiction which took him away from us while in the middle of a course in 2010. Again I had to drop out to care for our daughter. Last year, after many many prayers and after Matt leaving us I got the opportunity to finally do something for me. I enrolled Nevaeh into Kinder and I enrolled into a course. The course was three days a week and Nevaeh went to Kinder two days a week. Thanks to friends I was able to successfully complete something for myself. The feeling of accomplishment was such a high and on graduation day I sat and just cried. Never did I ever think of myself able to achieve such a thing. The course trainer who knew I wanted to continue onto a certificate 4 in youth work gave me the best compliment ever that day. After completing only a certificate 2 I didn't know whether I wanted to take a leap into a certificate 4. But on graduation day the trainer pulled me aside and told me that she believed I could do it. She believed I could pass and by next year I could be a qualified Youth Worker. I was astounded at how much she believed in me and my dream. I love her for that because it was the confidence boost I needed. I soaked it all in and was for once actually excited about my future.

This year I looked into doing the Certificate 4 in Youth Work but quickly realised that it was not to be. At least not this year. According to the course criteria I needed to do 25 hrs a week of placement, working in my desired field. With Nevaeh at Kinder only 15 hours a week it just wouldn't be possible. So I have hit a hurdle in my goal for now. I was a little disappointed but my family have to come first. While my friends without children are reaching their career goals I am stuck waiting for mine. I know I'll get there but in the meantime I have to find a certificate three in something that will be benificial to working with youth homelessness to study this year. Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Melissa! You CAN do it!

Natasha Johnson said...

I seen that you were my first and only follower and I had to stop by again. I read this and started to cry. I too know the feeling of putting my life on hold for my family. I am so glad that you got to accomplish another one of your goals. Thanks for being my first follower.

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