Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tattoo Love.

Never in my life have I ever wanted a tattoo. It was always one of those things that have entered my mind and then left again in an instant. Mostly because of my Dad who forbid me from ever getting one and because of what I was taught through my first few years of church (A few bible verses here). But with all that said I now desire a tattoo. Or three. I think that is what I'm most afraid of. Wanting more and more. I've always wanted my kids names on my feet. Jiedyn Karl and Nevaeh Anne on the outsides of my feet as they have kept me grounded. But today I found two more I like and would love this one on the inside of my wrist..

I guess the easiest part of the whole idea is that I have two very talented tattoo artist friends who would love to put ink on me. The hardest decision is who to choose. I'm not going to rush into anything but suddenly I have the urge to want a tattoo. Something for me of He who gave me this beautiful life. Like a permanent reminder of his love for me and my faith in him. 

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~Jennifer~ said...

I love your ideas for tattoos. :) I have four so far and am working on getting sleeves. I never wanted any tattoos until I was twenty-four or twenty-five, then I got my first one. I wouldn't worry too much about wanting more. It doesn't always affect people that way. :)

Emily Hackethorn said...

love the birds in this tatoo!

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