Monday, 27 January 2014

For we are young and free..

As the last hours wind down of this beautiful country celebrating it's long weekend 
I thought I would share what I love most about this beautiful land in a poem..

Paddocks full of rolled hay bails.
Rivers full of fish.
and a tapestry of stars above
waiting for your wish.

Old pubs full of locals
Juke box full of coins.
Putting money on a pool table
hoping someone joins.

Rissoles on the Barbie
while keeping backyard cricket scores
Doesn't matter where you live
Just as long as your outdoors.

Beaches full of tourists
capturing photo's to take home
Fresh produce sold for as cheap as chips
on the side of the road.

Everyday Australians 
flashing headlights for whats ahead.
Camping by a river or brook
is better than any bed.

Fishing taught from the age of three
first fish put in the family album
Native birds and wildlife everywhere
and my favorite tree is the red flowering gum

Food is what we know and love
But sport is in our blood
Locals supporting locals
In any sporting club.

I love our sun burnt country
Here on the land I was born a native
No wonder people seek asylum here
It's an amazing place to live.

Photos taken at Angelsea, Victoria, Australia.

3 replied:

Silvie Armas said...

What a beautiful poem, It made me able to imagine what It would be like if I was there. And your picture is great! What a beautiful beach, wish I was there and not in this freezing weather. :)

Valerie Beattie said...

Well, its quite different to Scotland is it not haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog Melissa xxx Valerie

Laura Stephenson said...

Beautiful photos!

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