Thursday, 10 July 2014

Amazing Inspiring Mom/Mum Blog Award

Last month I added a few new awards to the midst of the blogging world. I love blogging about my children, our life together and the blessings God has given us. I also love reading about what God is doing in the lives of others. And these next four ladies are and example of what I most love reading about on my blog roll..

First up Meet Kimberly
Her blog can be found here..
Kimberly is currently a foster parent. As a child who was fostered it's nice to hear what fostering is like from a parent's perspective. I also love her blog because as she shares her heart you can feel her warmth and love for God. Her blog is so well written. Thanks for being you Kimberly and sharing lifes ups and downs with us readers of your blog!

Another beautiful lady I have come to know and love is Rebekah and her beautiful little family. Rebekah is unique amazing and inspiring in a different way. She has been blogging since 2010 about her families adoption journey. I love reading and keeping updated on all God is doing in their lives. It's so beautiful to see them all so happy, especially in their most recent post.. Thanks for sharing your love for your family Rebekah!

Then there is also Amanda whom I have been journeying with for a while. She is inspiring me in a more bloggy way. Everytime I jump on my laptop to check out what everyone is up to Amanda is right there in the midst of it. I used to blog daily, now that I instagram daily I have backed off from blogging and instagram instead. I love that Amanda shares her heart with her beautiful and sometimes breath taking photos and always has something fun to say. I want to be more like that. Thanks Amanda for inspiring me to want more for my blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us and that beautiful smile on your side bar which is always so inviting!! Definately give her blog a follow..

And last but not least meet Theresa. I am very new to her blog. I met Theresa through instagram and have been following her ever since. She has a beautiful family and is always looking at new way to bring people together. On Instagram she does this using a photo challenge and on her blog she has recently done this by creating a link-up. Thanks Theresa for bringing us all together. I have met so many amazing people because of your fabulous memes.. Her blog can be found here..

If your wanting to pass this blog award on to four of the most inspiring Mom/Mum's on your blog roll here is what you will need to do..

How to give this award:
  1. Choose 3 Blogging Mum/Moms who you would like to show your appreciation.
  2. Give a reason why each are worthy of this award.
  3. Thank them.
  4. Tag your special ladies in your post + me (my blog) as creator of this award.
  5. Add a copy of this Award stamp to your post.
  6. Ask that they too pass this this award on to Amazing Mum/Moms whom inspire them.
  7. Give them a copy of these instructions.

Or if you would like to give someone else special a blogging award check out the full list of blog awards by following this link..

Have a blessed day..

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Theresa Bader said...

Thank you so much!!

Rebekah said...

Thank you! How sweet!

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