Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Birthday 2014!

The last words spoken by my sweet girl the night before me turning 26 was that she had a surprise for me in the morning. I wondered what it could be. Did she make something or did someone help her pick something special for me. I wondered who and how. But boy was she right about the surprise! 5.55am I woke up wet! Nevaeh had managed to completely wet my bed including me! Ah, the joys of children! Best surprise ever. Showers in the 6th hour of my birthday, completely dressed and breakfast was done by the seventh hour. After breakfast she went into her room to bring out my real suprise. A western water envelope hid inside a hand made card of colors and the number 26. She's such a clever girl. The rest of the morning was spent snuggling cats and listening to the radio.

My birthday 2014 was spent eating, gaming and watching Rio 2.
The kids had been wanting to see how to train your dragon but Birthdays trump what would have been Mum out numbered. Sorry guys! We had an absolute ball enjoying a pop corn fight and dancing in the back row!! A very memorable birthday spent with the two people who mean the most to me in this world. 

Dinner was chinese and again we had fun trying to use chop sticks. Jie gave up soon after he started to get the hang of it while Nevaeh shoveled rice in her mouth with a chop stick in each hand. She then proceeded to stab the chicken and pork with one chop stick to make what looked like chicken skewers. Oh it was hilarious. The people serving and the tables beside us were all having a great time watching her. 
As for gifts and birthday cake there was none. The only gift I wanted was a slow cooker but after pricing them I realized I just didnt want it that badly. I also looked for a home theater system but again not likely to happen anytime soon. Just being thankful for what I have in my life today is special enough. I promised the kids a cake the following day because we all know a birthday is incomplete without a cake!! ..

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