Monday, 14 July 2014

These School Holidays..

These school holidays were full of fun! The kids did lots of exciting things including spending time with friends and family. I enjoyed them being home for the most part and the kids mostly loved playing together whether it be cards, drawing or on the trampoline. Our main event was cancelled due to breaking of family rules resulting in the kids receiving a three day good behavior bond to earn back their much wanted trip to the movies to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. Unfortunately they weren't able to earn the trip back but the holidays ended on a great note. Pop came for a special night of music, movies and loads junk food! The kids soon forgot all about HTTYD2 after also receiving and setting up their brand new worm farm! Best Pop ever?!!

Check out some more of the amazing times we had together these past two weeks in the photos below..
The most played with toys:
Nevaeh's wooden train track.
Connector pens turned into weapons.

The most watched movies:
Home Alone
Cool Runnings

The most played songs:
Love Somebody - Sharmaine
Waves - Mr Probz
Turn Down for What - DJ snake + Lil Jon

The most played Wii Games:
Wii Sports
Dora and Go Diago Go!

The most read book:
Choose your own adventure. (under the sea)

The best dinners:
Parmesan Cheese Chicken Drumsticks (recipe to come)
KFC Family Feast
Family Roast Pop made.

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