Monday, 7 July 2014

Before and After shots of Nevaehs Brand New Pink Owl Bedroom!

These photos were taken right before I started moving
her things out. I had already purachsed some of her owl
things which you can see on her bed. The night before her cot was 
removed from the bare corner in the second photo.

I had planned on doing butterflies and birds but when I 
went shopping owls were everywhere so I had to change themes..

Sheena was coming over at night after her little ones were 
tucked up in bed to help, two nights in a row. She also did a trip
to Bunnings in Melton when we ran out of paint after just two walls.
It took us three coats to get rid of the green we started with. Thanks so much 
Miss Sheena! I couldn't have done it without you!

Three days and three nights to complete her transformation.
She came home and was so excited to see her brand new owl room.
She spent 2 hours in there playing with her new toys, sorting out her 
things and trying on her new clothes. She absolutely loved it.
"Your the best Mum ever!" 

My precious girl laying on her brand new pillow and doona..
Now all that's left to do is to install curtains (or maybe
even blinds) and buy a floor rug (or two).
So glad I could light up her world the way she brightens mine..
I love you Nevaeh!!

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Anonymous said...

So... can I hire you?

Kelly Parry said...

I love the reading nook!

Ruth Nyarkoah said...

This was wayyy too cute. Your daughter is incredibly beautiful!

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