Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Call on me..

Yesterday I bought Nevaeh (aged 5) her very own mobile phone!

$4 from The Reject Shop.

In a space of an hour after opening it this is who she had called and why..

A Taxi - To ask why they were taking so long.

Her Father - "Yes Dad! I'm being a good girl"

Aunty Zoe - To ask if the baby was kicking.

Uncle Anthony - To ask about his Guinea pigs and to organise a visit.

Pop (my dad) - To ask who won the footy.

Back Up - For a game her and Jie were playing.

Riley - To ask if he was feeling better and if his medicine was yuck.

Me - To let me know she's running late for tea.

She also at one point asked me to check my phone. I did. "Did you get my message Mum?" She called out.. I asked what it said.. "To Mum, thank you for the lollipop. Your the best Mum ever, love from Nevaeh!" She replied in a robot voice talking really slow. "I got it!" I called. (Two minutes later) "Did you get mine?" "No!" She said.. "Mine said To Nevaeh, I'm glad you liked your lollipop, please put your rubbish in the bin and tell Jie too as well. Lots of love Mum." Read out in my very own robot voice!

She chuckled and did!


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Chloe Scott said...

This is so cute! x

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