Thursday, 1 January 2015


As I look at where I am right now in my life. The beautiful home I live in, the amazing children I live with. The support of friends I have and the love of my Dad I sometimes need it's not a bad life at all.

2014 was an amazing year for us but as I read through some posts of facebook this morning it looks as though it wasn't a pleasant year for everyone. I guess I too used to be like that too. Focussing on the bad rather than the good God has given me. On any given day there are blessings given to us and I am just realizing how amazing I have it nowadays. 

This year is going to be a big year for us all. Jie is learning the fine art of responsibility this year at school and will also have a grade prep buddy to mentor for next year. Nevaeh will be starting school for the first time and although she is very excited I know this will be a very big step for her. And I will have so much time to get things I've always wanted to do (hopefully) done! 

Here are a few of my goals for 2015

  1. Get My License 
  2. Finish my Cert IV in Youth Work
  3. Possibly buy a Car
  4. Lose 10kg
  5. Go to my High School Reunion

Preferably in that order! 

Here on my blog it looks easy enough but I really want to check these things off this year and possibly even get a part time job for a little extra cash. I know these things are not out of reach for me and that if I put my mind to it I could have all of these things so I'm excited about 2015!

Direct me to your 2015 goals..
I'd love to see what you have in store for you this year..

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Launna said...

Happy New Year Mel... I hope you had a great evening ringing in the New Year... I also wish you much success with your goals this year...xox

My main goal is to be healthy and not to give into bad eating habits when life gets busy or hard... it happens as you say... I just need to remind myself of the long term goals and how much better it is for me...

I hope you have a lovely one xox

Yay or Nay said...

I hope everything will go well for you in 2015! To lose weight I strongly recommend Tiffany Rothe to start with! just don't buy the courses she offer... pointless nothing really there but the exercises are great! Then download an app to your phone called MyFitness Pal. you can scan any food you eat and made up a full plan of what you eat daily counting calories and also they have forum full of supportive people etc.I have lost weight this way! Good luck!ps. I love your kids names, super cute!Anna

Aqilah said...

Hi. It's so great that you've set you goals. I'm still in a progress of 'finalising' my main goals for this year. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals, and best wishes to your kids too. :)

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