Sunday, 4 January 2015

Summer's Here!

In our sweet little town of Bacchus Marsh and all over Victoria we have endured two 40+ degree days in a row. For the lucky ones (like our next door neighbors) the heat stays outside and they stay in their beautifully air conditioned homes, but for us.. we brave the elements for our first summer splash at the local pool.
Today I took a pillow with me and relaxed in the shade with a good book and cold water. Jie hung out with a group of friends throwing a tennis ball back and forth and playing Marko-Polo down the shallow end of the big pool. Nevaeh who was finally able to enjoy the pool with us today hung out for an hour in the toddlers pool where she enjoyed some time to herself before making friends with another little boy. Together they played until it was time to go.

Swimming Milestones
- Jie is getting better at treading water and is eager to try.
- Nevaeh took her floaties off in the big pool.
- Jie swimming to the bottom of the pool.
- Jie learning to cannon ball.
- Nevaeh swimming in her floaty.
- Jie can now do front flips underwater.
- Nevaeh braving the deep end.
-Nevaeh jumping into the deep end.
- Jie can dive in rather well now from a crouching position.

Checkout the list of  last years Swimming Milestones here..

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Brighter Day Today said...

I'm from MA and currently so jealous of your warm weather. It was nice to feel like it was summer for a moment. I better start planning for it :)

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