Friday, 2 January 2015

Budgeting for 2015

My life is pretty amazing! There is nothing I really desperately want this year (except to lose a few kilos) but as for everything else I am pretty content. But there are things on my bucket list for 2015 in which I need, the kids need, we need as a family. Things like getting my learners, travelling interstate for my high school reunion and of course buying my first car all of which are going to cost me big bucks. So tonight I am sitting here working out a way to have everything I need to make the most out of this year. Please pray for our finances and wisdom through making all of this happen. I'm feeling a little frazzled with all these digits in front of me.

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Launna said...

I hope you are able to find a way to have the things you need Mel... it will all work out ♡

SuperLux said...

I so agree with you. If you look at it closely, life is truly amazing. This is a great mantra to keep in mind as we enter another year. Hope to read more from you this 2015. :)

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