Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meeting Sadie Michelle..

A few days ago Jie and I got home from spending a few days/nights at Aunty Zoe's and finally got to meet 4 week old Sadie Michelle.. 

Gorgeous isn't she.. 
It was weird seeing my besty without her big belly but in exchange I got to snuggle up to her new beautiful baby girl only moments after meeting her..  

The following night (and every day after) I also got to hang out with Saige and Sanjay, her not-so-older.. older two and got to see and say hi to an old high school friend that night who hosted a candle party we attended.

As I write this I still cant believe that Zo has three kids. THREE! I remember our talks on the phone and how she was worried about how she was going to cope but she is such a natural. Saige and Sanjay are so well cared for and Sadie is so so loved.

Here are some happy snaps I shared on my social media sites while we were away and left our blog neglected..
And here are some videos too..

And I totally love this one I got of Sanjay too..
"It's Ninja Time!"

Thank-you all for having us!
We miss you guys already..
And dont doubt yourself Zo..
Your doing a wonderful job xx

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