Monday, 5 January 2015

Summer Reading with the Kids!

Last summer the kids and I read "The Twits" by Roald Dahl. Every night before bed we sat together on my bed during the hot and humid nights and read a chapter or two together.

The kids must have loved it because while at Collins Bookshop here in Bacchus Marsh today (looking for more Cathy Glass books) they begged for a new book for us all to read at bedtime.

We all settled for "The 13 Story Treehouse".

Tonight we opened up and read the first SEVEN chapters. After every chapter they begged for one more.. one more.. just one more I promise! before I realized that we were up to chapter eight. The kids wanted me to continue but I concluded that we wouldn't have any book left if I read anymore.

We laughed and giggled together, smiled and were all eager to skip to the pages ahead. I did different voices which made the kids seem to giggle more and their eyes were glued to the pictures and comic captions.

This family reading is fast becoming a Summer tradition. I read to Nevaeh every night and as Jie has gotten older he now prefers to use the extra 20 minutes or so before bed to play Minecraft or Plants vs Zombies on the tablet he got for his birthday in November last year.

But tonight as we sat there all consumed in the pages of the book, Nevaeh and I laying on our bellies and Jie on my back it was nice and I could see why they loved it so much.

We were all together, so close and having fun..

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Launna said...

Awe this is sweet... I used to read to my oldest all the time, then we read together and she became a voracious reader... With work and life, I didn't read as much to my youngest, this is something I need to change... thank you for the reminder xox

Yay or Nay said...

I think many people forgetting how important is this part for kids life! You are wonderful mum!

Susannah said...

It's so wonderful that you take time to read to your kids. :-)

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