Sunday, 15 March 2015

Her 1st tooth is gone..

It seems like only yesterday that my son lost his first tooth
Today he and I explained to his little sister about "The Tooth Fairy".
Excitedly she went to find her tooth to put in a glass of water beside her bed.
But how it all went down is why your all reading right?
Here's how this pretty little grin happened..

Well it all started when the kids were out on the trampoline playing. Jie and Nevaeh had been out there for over an hour while Kelvene and I were watching a movie inside. 

Nevaeh comes in telling me that she is bleeding, but not to get mad at Jie because they were just paying a game. Seeing the blood in her fingers I asked for a closer look and saw that a tooth was missing. I asked her where her tooth was. She looked at me and I told her that her tooth wasn't there, that it had come out. She ran to her mirror in the room and came back bright eyed excited. She ran out the back door and came back in with Jie and her tooth excited that she had lost her first tooth! Apparently they had been playing a game and Jie had pushed it out with the palm of his hand. I wasn't angry because she wasn't sad or upset and I know my kids are rough as guts when they play out there sometimes, not in a nasty way just in general. Jie and I explained about the tooth fairy to which she raced to put her tooth under her pillow. Jie and I corrected her and she found a glass, filled it with water, dropped her tooth in it and it's now beside her bed waiting to be picked up by the tooth fairy! 

Tonight while I was putting an extra blanket on Nevaeh's bed (the cooler nights are now here to stay). Jie asked me why people lie about the tooth fairy. Earlier he told Nevaeh that the tooth fairy wasn't real but I just said to her that if you believe in her, she'll come. She winked and excitedly smiled. Jie has known for a few months that the tooth fairy is make believe. After a bit of small talk he is on board with bringing a smile to Nevaeh's face and excitement to her heart. 

As I layed beside my little munchkin tonight I could see the excitement in her eyes as she looked towards the glass. I have no idea how much to put in there tonight, and I can't remember how much Jie got for his first tooth but I think I might just fill it with silver and a gold!

Goodnight All x

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Julie Searle said...

Lovely picture! How old is she now?

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