Tuesday, 31 March 2015

His First Senior Sports Day!

While sitting beside Jie for his initial meeting with his new Grade 3 teacher I could see he was nervous. He mumbled his name and but soon warmed up to her. He spoke about his interests in reading and expressed his concerns about part-taking in Senior Sports Day at this year. This was in January.

March had come around so fast and a letter was sent home regarding Senior Sports Day (asking for money of course). Jie was still a little nervous but very excited and wanted me to sign and say he could go then and there. I waited.

Not sure if he would want to do it or not I waited until closer to the day. The School was at me for the money (and honestly, how ridiculous is it that we have to pay for a sports day? Couldn't they fundraiser or something for this curricular activity? Apparently the money was for sports equipment.. Is that not why way pay School Fee's? so our children have everything they need for these sorts of things?) but all I worried about was how Jie was feeling. 

Senior Sports day finally came and I dropped him off to school. I paid the office and walked him over to the back oval. He was dressed in his house colours and was eager to begin.

I left him and he was happy. I prayed he'd do well.

That afternoon he burst through the doors, dumped his bag at the door and was yelling out while frantically searching for me that his house team had won. He showed me his sports card and ribbon and I squeezed him tight and told him how proud of him I was. 

Together we found previous years ribbons and sports slips and compared how much better he had gotten. He wanted to hang all of his achievements up on the wall in his room, but I like having them altogether put away so I know where they all are. 

Jie had conquered one of his fears that day and did well. I was so so proud of him.

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