Monday, 30 March 2015

Her First Disco!

Unfortunately my phone went flat just before the doors opened for Nevaeh to venture into her very first disco. It was so frustrating because I video recorded Jiedyn's first disco but wasn't able to capture her moves. But here's how it all went down.

Because the disco Junior started at 4pm there was no point in us walking home and back so I bought their disco clothes to school pick up. 

The kids played for a bit after school with friends before we headed to the grade three toilets so they could change. 

I did Nevaehs hair while sitting on the stel outside the Grade 3 area and soon was surrounded with grade three girls giggling and chatting with Nevaeh.

Jie played soccer with some boys while we were busy.

We got a quick snack and I allowed them some lemonade from the canteen.

 They posed for a few quick snaps before Nevaeh lined up excitedly and went in..
Nevaeh spent her time dancing around with all different friends. Grade preps, grade ones and grade twos were all there and she had friends in every year level. 

When it was time for the Senior School disco (years 3-6) Jie hung with a group of boys from his year level. Nevaeh was with us and danced with grade 5 and 6 girls throughout the night. The boys did some break dancing and tried to start a conga line. 

I was proud of them both and loved watching them enjoying this time with their friends.

Afterwards, we got fish and chips and ate in the park on Main Street.

It was a great night out..

Thanks BMPS for another fantastic event!

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