Wednesday, 9 December 2015

First Trip to the Local Pool this Summer

After school yesterday the kids came home, had something to eat and got very excited when I announced that we were going to the swimming pool for a bit. 

The local pool only opened its gates for the first time last weekend but we were out of town and because yesterday was so hot, I thought it would be a nice treat to go and cool off in the pool.

We have been waiting for this all year! 

My little water baby.

The boys enjoying the sun after their swim!
When Justine first hopped into the water she was very afraid and clung to me. She was not confident at all. She was the last one in but she was also the last one out. After building confidence that I wasn't going to allow her face to go under the water she gradually gained enough confidence to give it a go herself. For around 20 minutes she swam around without assistance and made me quite proud to see her so independent gaining more and more confidence as the afternoon went on.

Here is a video of the girls in the water on their own with me sitting by the pool.

You go girls!

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