Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Silent Night - December 9

Tonight, before bed, we all gathered in Nevaeh and Justine's bedroom to thank Jesus for all the things we love. I thanked Jesus for my home, my Dad, for smiling faces and helpful hands. Hiram thanked Jesus for his family. Jie thanked Jesus for his Mum, his friends, his family and for dying so that he can now live forever in Heaven. Justine thanked Jesus for Jie and Nevaeh and Hiram and her Mum and Jem and Aunty Melissa and Pop and Jeanette and Janai and her new bed and her new shoes and finished her prayer off with Goodbye which made us all giggle.

We will always have something to be thankful for and am so glad the kids are learning that it's all thanks to the one who came to bring life.

Thank you Jesus!
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