Thursday, 3 December 2015

Santa Clause is Coming to Town - December 2

Day two of our Advent Calendar had the kids writing letters to Santa. To make things a bit more magical I bought Kaleidoscope Sketch Pads and the kids use bamboo to write and draw to Santa. As I cooked dinner, the kids really did well in writing to Santa, they all knew what they wanted so there wasn't much discussion really..
Justine asked Santa for 2 babies and Toto (from the wizard of Oz).
Jie asked for Adidas shoes, certain YoGiOh cards to add to his collection and money.
Hiram asked for a scooter, air maxes, Nike shorts,
an Adidas T-Shirt and a basketball.
Nevaeh would like a puppy and a pony.
The kids also drew what they wanted. Nevaeh loved the stencil. 
Hiram really put a lot of effort into his letter.. So proud of him!

 Afterwards we had dinner, Chicken & Bacon Pasta, together before sitting down to watch our very first Christmas movie together. Elf. Life is absolute bliss at the moment. I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's advent activity! Stay tuned for that post tomorrow..

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