Thursday, 31 December 2015

Closing the 2015 Chapter..

The school holidays are in full swing and I feel as though I haven't yet recovered from our busy Christmas month and am now jumping into the New Year with New Years Eve just tomorrow! Is anyone else asking where the heck the year went?

The kids have been busy enjoying their gifts these past few days..
Nevaeh with Flutterbye Flying Fairy in the pool.

Jie and I played Game of life
Hiram loved his Scooter

Justine also loved her Scooter

Nevaeh admiring her Glam Pops
and Jie is using his Electronic Organizer daily.
While I have been blog networking and organizing myself for 2016. 

This year has bought a lot of love our way and I can honestly say that I'm learning more about myself as the year has gone on. At the beginning of the year I was on fire! I was excited and motivated. I had one of my bestest friends living with me and I was ready to start my life, get my license, enroll in that course I'd always dreamed of doing to get me into the career I have always had my heart set on. I was attending rallies to fight for our people deprived of our land and was in contact with my Mum again after 10 years of shunning her. In May we had our flag recognized and flown (permanently) in the oldest Victorian public school here in Australia and in July we were in video clip which has had over 65,000 hits on Youtube, were part of the NAIDOC committee here in beautiful Bacchus and since mid July we have welcomed my niece and nephew into our home, doubling the fun!

Towards the end of this year I have realized that I need to start really being accountable for looking after myself and not just the kids. Earlier this month I was hospitalized for obesity related reasons and have since been put on the waiting list to have the Gastric Sleeve done next year. This both excites me and terrifies me. I am at my heaviest weight I have ever been and it's effecting my breathing and causing me chest pains. I need to do this for us. 

This year I didn't complete the course I enrolled into and didn't get my license although I did get my learners.. But these two things are still a top priority and will be goals I'll be taking with me into the new year. 

I guess all that's left to do now is to dote on the kids. Each in their own unique way they have each  come so far. Jiedyn is now my 10 year old and will be doing Little Athletics and Piano in the new year. Justine, my 4 year old niece will be starting Kindergarten and will still be attending Playgroup. Hiram my wonderful 8yo nephew will also be doing little Athletics next year and my little Miss Nevaeh will be all the fun in grade 1, I just know it! Hiram, Jiedyn and Nevaeh's report cards were all amazing with Jie impressing me the most in his grades and Hiram in his mannerisms. I loved seeing all their achievements, their accomplishments this year and goals for next year. 

I am so so proud of us all and look forward to sharing all the love in my life again next year!

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