Tuesday, 1 December 2015

'tis the Season - December 1

This morning the kids all woke each other up to race to our advent calendar to find out what was hidden behind the first door. Jiedyn read the little hand written note aloud for us all to hear..

December 1st
Put up our Nativity and Christmas Tree.
24 sleeps until Jesus' Birthday!

The kids continued getting dressed and went on to school.. Just after lunch Justine and I pulled down the boxes of Christmas goodies. We put up our Christmas tree, added the skirt I made a few Christmas' ago now and after untangling the lights we added those to the tree too.

The kids got home and with bright eyes they looked around in awe of all the new things we have in and around our home this year. New bible verses on the wall, new 'Santa' sacks, two nativity scenes (one for play and the other to look at) plus.. this year we have Christmas lights
out the front!

Hiram was so eager to dress the tree with gold and silver ornaments while Jie enjoyed wraping the tinsel around the tree. This year we have added a crown. Sort of a tradition that each year we add something new. Justine woke up hearing the laughter of the kids in the lounge room and came to help out. Unfortunately my camera's battery was flat so the only photos I got were taken on my phone's crappy camera. But the vibe here was amazing. Listening to Casting Crowns Christmas album and watching the kids all helping decorate the tree, smiling, chatting and enjoying time together. What a very happy start to our Christmas countdown..

This post is part of our family's Advent Calendar. You can read more about it here.

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TexWisGirl said...

so sweet. you've got a bustling household. :)

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