Friday, 16 December 2011

A day of scissors and styles..

Back in July we gave Nevaeh a fringe {Blog post here} but today Nevaeh has a new do..

I was fussy with what I wanted as I still wanted to keep her curl but wanted it off her neck.. I couldn't be happier, it must feel different for her too because she kept running her hand through the back of her hair this afternoon.. I just love it!

Jiedyn also got a new hair cut, but he choose it himself. He went for a more slick look with a bit of a comb over at the front. It's definately not something I'd pick but he is getting old enough to make his own decisions when it comes to self appearance so this was what he wanted..

I felt proud as punch with two neat looking kids at my side shopping today! It's amazing how something as simple as a hair cut can bring such joy and happiness to a family..

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Susan Evans said...

Those hair cuts are adorable!

momto8 said...

The hair cuts look great! Beautiful curls....I came upon your site on Bloggy moms and I am now your new follower. I also just joined Postcard crossing...can't wait till the kids come now to show them. thanks!

Husband, 4 boys, et. al said...

Cute. I wish I could do that for my children too. :-)
I am your new follower from MBC.

Best regards, Imelda

Linda said...

Adorable! Found you on MBS - follow me back and check out my blog :)

Jaye said...

I'm going to take my boys to get haircuts but I am having a hard time trying to decide what kind of style to get. They all have long beauitful curly locks. Its just getting hard to manage now.

Mac said...

Trendy hairstyles typically refer to short and spiky or long and relaxed. The classic cut is always short and nicely fitted. Everything else falls somewhere in between the two unless it falls into the category of wild and unique.

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