Sunday, 18 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 18

Today we have had a wonderful day filled with praise, prayer, worship and love. Not just any kind of love - Warm, fuzzy, generous and wholesome love! This morning we went to Church and it was awesome. I love how personal it is..
At our other church, I would be too afraid to ask for more guidance in areas I didn't understand but at The Living Word Church, I love that I can so freely ask for more information or just verify my interpretation of what has been said.
I couldn't believe my Jie today too.. He prayed for the very first time in a group, and was so natural at it. I struggle with prayer in a group but not my son.. he even prayed again before his lunch after we all said grace together. All in all it was exactly what we needed.

When we got home Nevaeh went down for a sleep while I started my first bible study in a long time. Jiedyn relaxed watching 321 Penguins before we got a message saying some really great boys had found some pine cones for today's advent. We felt so lucky and Jie was so excited that he finished his one before Nevaeh even got up [As seen in photo 1] Nevaeh ate more peanut butter than she put on her pine cone.. it was kind of gross but all part of the fun!

Tonight all of us were still so full from lunch, so we decided on a late quiche for tea after Christmas carols and our craft activity [As seen in photo 2] it's now 9pm and the kids are still up playing beautifully together. Our kittens where the muck makers today, they have ripped open 3 of Nevaeh's presents.. I have had to flip the holey presents and pile others on top as I have ran out of wrapping paper to re wrap them. My next idea is to just sticky tape the rips, which will make it hard for the kids to open them Christmas morning! Lets hope they survive just another 6 days..

I'm sorry that I haven't shared many of our advent.. I plan to do another post of everything you have missed but for now this has to do as it's thunder storming and Nevaeh is stressing a little over it so I better log off.. Just keep an eye out for it!

Please Note: To make a simple Bird Feeder you'll need a pinecone, peanut butter and Wild Bird Seed.. To view better pictures please click on them!!

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