Saturday, 10 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 9

Today as part of our advent activities we had to make angel notes, things we love about each other, sealed with a kiss. After dinner we read out our angel notes to each other.. Mine from Jiedyn read "I love you because your always happy and dance with us, and because we both love God" Jiedyn's to Nevaeh read "I love you because you love me and you always make me smile, and sometimes laugh too.." Mine to Jiedyn read "I love you because your always keen to have a go, you have a kind heart and your always eager to help me and your sister with odd jobs around the house" Mine to Nevaeh said "I love you because you challange Mum everyday, you give the bestest cuddles and your stubborn personality reflects your Mummies at your age" They were each so special and unique..

Our Family activity was cancelled, It was hot again today and we weren't all that keen on sitting down for a movie in a hot house. I'm looking into buying an air conditioner but after finding out that its going to cost me over $350 to get both the kittens desexed, vaccinated and registered and Jiedyns new school uniforms are going to set me back $28 for a polo Shirt and $32 for a pair of cargo shorts and $38 for a school jacket I don't think it will happen this summer.. 

Another event that happened today was that Matthias and Altius had they're first bath. I know, everyone keeps telling me that cats clean themselves but today we had a bit of a sticky situation.. two words: Nevaeh and a Candy Cane.. Need I say more?

Do/did you ever clean your kittens/cats?
Matthias not at all enjoying his bath
Altius was a good boy for his and loved being hand dried

Nice and clean kitties!

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Cutie,cutes! :)

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