Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Raising Kids..

This past year I have changed so much as a person. I have struggled more than I ever have as a single Mum but have also accomplished so much as well..

The power of prayer.. What a miraculous tool to transform lives..

This year I have prayed more than any other too.. How great is our God, always listening and knowing what your about to say before it leaves your mouth. Always hearing and giving in his time - not yours..

Since April I have constantly prayed about Jiedyns education. Should I home-school or put him into the public school here in Bacchus Marsh? I thought my mind was made up when I saw the neighbours kids [students of the primary school] on bikes and scooters cussing and bullying other kids in the street in September. I then thought my mind was made up when I went for my first interview with the School Principle, Ian Wren and on the subject of religion he laughed it off quite offensively saying that the last R.E (religious education) teacher moved on quite quickly a few years ago.. I wasn't at all amused.

Last night I scribbled in the boxes of the enrollment forms for Jiedyn to attend Bacchus Marsh Primary School in 2012.. I did it feeling like I was signing my sons spiritual life away, feeling like I was only going to see my son before and after school each day with him resembling the reckless kids I see at the local skate parks or the brats I see throwing tantrums in the shopping centre's at his age. I did it feeling I would no longer be in control of my son and what he is exposed to..

Today I attended a meeting with Jiedyn's new school Principle, Mr Wren, his year co-ordinator, Mrs Hookie and his very first school teacher, Mrs Newton.

Mrs Newton showed Jiedyn around his new Class room, how to use the bubble taps and the outside grade Prep area. Jiedyn was so excited! After talking to his teacher for some time I realized where I had seen her before - Church! A piece of me got excited too.. What were the odds of my son having a Christian teacher teaching him his very first year of School? Yipee....

So today I am thankful! Thankful that God is alive in our lives, thankful that he listens to our prayers and that he knows my our needs and gives us the tools we need to live the best possible "Earthling" life we can!

Thank You Lord!

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Cara said...

I have the same thoughts when it comes to education. We've already made up our minds about home schooling but I think I'd also like to see what the school can offer, too.

It's a decision we made before we were married but things can always change :). Whenever I feel conflicted on something I pray about my choices and wait for an answer. Usually I get an answer pretty quickly, either way, and sometimes it's more of a feeling of ease or warning if I'm making the wrong decision.

It's great your son has a teacher he can relate too, it will really set your mind at ease!

Susan Evans said...

How wonderful that your child has a Christian teacher! I would be careful about saying the exact name of the school, because then criminals can find your child if they google it. I praise God for answering your prayers, though!

Mama Finch said...

What a sweet post from a mother's heart! I remember the exact same feelings when my oldest was about to enter 1st grade 20 something years ago. I am a firm believer that God always works for good to those who love him. I'm so glad you have more peace of mind now!

katherine said...

How awesome Mel! Tim and I spent the first few years of Elara's life, thinking about public/private/home schooling. In the end, we decided public school. We committed to being really involved at Elara's school and in her life during her non-schooling hours. I help at school when I can, try to befriend the other Mum's and send little 'God' notes in her lunchbox to stay involved. We are VERY happy with that choice at the moment as she's had a wonderful first year! And you know what, if things change, we can always change our minds too! How awesome that Jie is going to have a supportive teacher! And how wonderful that God has answered your prayer so beautifully!

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