Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 20

Our Advent Calender for 2011 had us looking and Luke 2:22-32, but our activity was more specifically based on Leviticus 12 which talks about the purification after Childbirth. During the first week of December after creating our advent for this month I decided I was going to find a sheep, two doves and two pigeons to hang from our tree.. But.. in a small town like this it would have to have taken a small miricle.. So I had to think out side the box and while searching through Etsy and after buying this [Inspired by this post] for my son for Christmas..

I finally decided that feathers and wool would be more than perfect! They were delivered relatively quick from where I brought them from and in no time at all I was hot glue gunning fishing line to make loops for our tree..

So much more has happened today too.. Last night Jiedyn and I started our very first bible study together! Jie is so eagar to learn and was making sure I missed no words as we flicked through the books after Nevaeh went to bed. At the end of a few teachings Jiedyn was encouraged to learn a bible verse from this book..

and made no mistake as he woke up this morning excited that he remembered it:

I was so super proud, partly because he memorized it but more because he is just 6 years old and so full of joy to be learning the word of God!! He truly is inspiring!

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Cara said...

I really like the to do and done list! What an absolutely perfect idea for little people :).

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