Thursday, 1 December 2011

Family Christmas Advent Activities: Day 1

Please excuse Nevaeh's Face, we were running behind schedule today - all day since Jie decided that 12:45pm would be a grand time to wake up this fine 1st of December. We had one million and one things to get done today and.. well.. surprisingly we got them all done! Sending Christmas cards/postcards, we printed out our advents for December at the library, did shopping for Jiedyn's pirate hat birthday picnic on Saturday,  brought everything on our list we need for our advent activities this year, we brought our kittens food and kitty litter to last them the next three months and did our grocery shopping. All of which took 4 hours.. we had to wait over an hour for a taxi on top of that and I don't think I have ever been happier to lay down at last.. the trolley was so heavy!

So finally after dinner the kids got to finally enjoy they're first craft advent activity this year..

They made colorful, glittering Angels!

How did you and your family spend your 1st of December?

2 replied:

Anonymous said...

Dirty faces usually mean happy kids! Your doing a fabulous job with your two precious babes...


Laura said...

I love crafts! and it looks like your children do, too. I relaxed on the 1st until I came down with a horrible cold. Then I felt sorry for myself.

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