Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A New Bedtime Routine

After a really stressful day today the last thing on my mind tonight was the agonizing thought of reading 6+ books to the little people I share my home with. Any other night I cant wait to snuggle up beside each of them and listen to them read and read to them but tonight, after an emotional tiring day I cringed at just the thought. 

Tonight I thought about pairing the kids up to read to each other, obviously not Justine but Hiram, Jie and Nevaeh. I thought Nevaeh and Hiram would work well reading together and Jie would be good with keeping Justine's attention. And boy was I right! 

I sat and listened as they all read together. 

I couldn't help but get my camera out for a few photos..

So I guess after a rather stressful day, I can thank Jesus for the blessings.
For the love in our home and for these precious moments.

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