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Christmas Advent Activities 2015

 Every year since as long as my kids can remember we have created moments and memories through our family advent activities. Every day during the month of December as we count down the days until Jesus' Birthday we do things that bring us together as a family. Some of these activities have become traditions such as our Annual Whipped Cream Fights and the Kids Sleeping Under the Christmas Tree while others are spontaneous.. like the year we had 4 friends over for a Christmas movie, a little lady help with our Christmas tree and took a trip to the beach on Christmas Day last year! Either way, we come together to have fun as a family during the Christmas season and look forward to it every year!

Here is what we'll be doing this year..

Put up our Nativity and Christmas Tree.

We are staying with our Silver and Gold theme this year. 
 Write to Santa.

This is a new thing for us as my kids have never celebrated "Santa", but having my sisters children now in my care, who know and love the magic of Santa, we're accommodating their tradition this year and so the jolly 'ol man will be stopping by Christmas night.. 
 Bubbly Christmas Bath.

We did this last year. We deck the bathroom with Christmas lights and take funny photos as the kids create bubbly beards and hats. Add some silly Christmas music and watch the kids laugh and laugh. Definitely doing this again. 
 Wear Crazy Christmas Socks to School.

Either made by you or bought by Mum/Aunty Melissa!
 Carols By Candlelight.

This one we celebrate with my father.
 Myer Christmas Windows.

We will be travelling into the city to see and enjoy the Myer Christmas Windows.
Write out our Christmas Cards.

Not forgetting our neighbors or Teachers.
Enjoy Hot Chocolates and candy canes before bed.

Add whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles for that extra wow factor!
 Thank Jesus for all the Good things this year.

I'm thinking pop-corn prayers.
 Family Photo's in front of the Christmas Tree.

We might try a few props this year too!
 Watch a Christmas movie.

Or three..
 Go Christmas Light Looking.

Give us the heads up if you know of any good ones within walking distance from us. 

The crowd favorite! 
 School Christmas Concert.

The School Christmas Concert will be on this night.
 Give to the Less Fortunate.

Get the kids to go through their toy boxes and bag old toys, books, bedding etc. up to give to charity.
 Youtube Christmas.

Watch how people in other countries celebrate Christmas. Or Don't. 
 Snuggle up and read Christmas books before Bed.

We've always loved this one.
 Wear Santa Hats all Day!

As in, all day.. No matter what..
 Decorate a Gingerbread house.

Or shack.. Or whatever other crazy thing Mum/Aunty Melissa buys.
 Christmas BBQ

Invite some friends, bring a plate and enjoy some Christmas fun.
 Leave Chalk Messages

Let's take to the streets with chalk this Christmas!
 Christmas Treasure Hunt

Look for things Mum/Aunty Melissa hides in the backyard.
Research an ornament

Grab some ornaments off the Christmas tree and research what they mean and why they are special.
 Bake Jesus a Birthday Cake!

I'm thinking 3 layers? 
Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

And enjoy your gifts..

Christmas is becoming more and more creative every year. The kids are getting older and so they can do more for themselves. Soon enough they'll be making me hot chocolates and know the nativity scene off by heart. I love that this year they will get a glimpse of how others celebrate Christmas and see the magic of Santa in their cousins eyes Christmas morning but I also love that I can share Jesus with my niece and nephew too. Share who He is, why He is and celebrate His birthday with them! It's going to be so awesome..

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Susan Arden said...

Absolutely LOVE your post! What a wonderful Advent calendar filled with lovely ways to celebrate and make lasting meaningful memories! Highest high five.

Jeanette said...

Such a fun idea:)

I couldn't make a list like that, cause I know we wouldn't be able to follow it. But really fun idea to do for sure.

Melissa said...

I love this! Sounds like so much fun! :) My boys are teenagers, but I'm going to try to do something like this. Thanks for the great idea!

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