Sunday, 22 November 2015

Justine's 4th Birthday!

Today my beautiful niece celebrated 4 years of being in this world. 
Here is how we celebrated..

Lily, Rocket, Kayden, Gabriel, Tristan, Noyah, Natalie, Toby, Judea, Jacob, Kayne, Shanyia, Jaspa-Eli, Aliesha, Uncle Allan, Hiram, Sarah, Sheena, Carmen and Penny.

Dresses, Princess shoes, jewelry, hairbands, The Wiggles Album, books, The Hungry Caterpillar Game, Sticker Book, Playdoh, Puzzles, a Bath Vanity, magnetic sketch pad, pram, pony, princess hair band, Peppa Pig Book, bathers and a craft box.

Apple and cinnamon and double choc muffins, vanilla and chocolate mini cupcakes, fairy bread, ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches, smarties, marshmallows, pineapple, watermelon, grapes and pretzels.

Pink Lemonade.

Cake Theme:
Frozen (Justine ate Ana!)

Party Theme:
Dress Code. 
Justine wanted all the girls to wear their most beautiful swirly-whirly dresses.

Justine's highlights of the Day:
Pony from Shay..
Swinging with Nat-Nat..
Making sand angels with Nevaeh..
Handing out her party bags..
And of course the fireworks!! 

(Check back tomorrow for the video of the kids watching the fireworks)

Message from Aunty Melissa:
Justine, I loved every single moment with you today. You had been so excited about turning 4 and the day had finally come. From the moment you woke me up this morning I just knew you'd love everything I had planned for you today! You were completely overwhelmed with everything and everyone but I could tell you were loving every moment. Today is special because it's your birthday, but every day with you is special to me. Watching you learn and discover new things, watching you be kind and become more confident, watching you work on your words and speak clearer and clearer every day are just the tiniest things I love about you. I love that you have learned to love and share and to be honest and caring. I love that you try to do the right thing and are eagar to impress me every moment of the day. I love that your always ready to help Aunty and that you have learned to be gentle and to sometimes put others first. I love that you are no longer scared of thunder. I love you Justine and I hope one day when you read this post, that it shows you how incredibly loved you are.. 

Because you are..

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
Special thanks to 
Shaynia Foley 

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