Sunday, 29 November 2015

Jiedyn's 10th Birthday!


This day, exactly 10 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at the Bacchus Marsh Hospital and became a mother for the first time. 

To celebrate such a massive milestone Jie selected 10 friends to spend his special day with today!

Here's how it went down..  

Noah, Noyah, Toby, Lucy, McKenzie, Mckayla, Harry, Justine, Hiram & Nevaeh.

Microscope, Telescope, Compass, Xbox Controller, Iphone (water pistol), World wall lamp, $20 cash, $10 cash, 14 packets of YoGiOh Cards, Tom Gates Book, The ultimate guide to choosing the right Mostache Book, Once upon a Slime Book, Amazing tales of making men out of Boys book, A-maze Ball, $20 itunes card, $20 JaJa's Gift Card, Where's Wally Book, Lego Dimensions. 

Fairy Bread, Wedges, Party Pies, Sausage rolls, Chocolate cake, 

Raspberry, Lemon and Cola Soft Drink

Cake Theme:
Chocolate Mud.

Party Theme:
Wizard Party at Kryal Castle.

Jie's highlights of the Day:
Sword and Shield fighting.
The Maze.
Corey (The host).
The Dragons.
Lunch with friends.

Message from Mum:
Jiedyn, Jie, Jie-Jie! 
First of all I want to congratulate you on turning 10! You are growing into such a wholesome boy and I am so incredibly proud of you. I have watched you grow and thrive over the last 10 years and think the absolute world of you. Jie, I know things haven't always been easy but together we can get through anything. Look at us.. We have an amazing life and it's all because we have the most amazing Father watching over us. How amazing is he? At this present time you have such an amazing love for God. Jie.. Don't ever throw that away. Not for anyone or for anything. Jesus loves you so so much and will always be there for you no matter what. I am thankful that Jesus bought you into my life and made you my son. We were a perfect match I think! You bring out my best qualities and my love for you cannot be put into words. You are my special, most loved son and as you continue to grow, I pray you continue to listen to God, to make good choices and to follow your heart to whatever you want achieve in life. I love you son. Happy Birthday <3

3 replied:

Michelle said...

Sounds like a day of perfection. You only move on to double digits once!

Kris said...

Mackenzie had a wonderful day, thank you so much for inviting her. It was, by far, the best birthday party we have been to in a long time. <3 Kate, Kris and Mackenzie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs Tubbs said...

Gosh, that looks a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Jie!

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