Saturday, 14 November 2015

Mermaid Hair

 Tonight we're celebrating a small breakthrough at bathtime.

Since Justine has been with us she has enjoyed her baths, until it was time to wash her hair. She'd freak out and not want me to touch her hair at all. Back in July when my sister Kristal came to stay for the weekend Justine's hair was completely matted. I'm not talking just here and there like cat fur, I'm talking one massive matt. I saved as much legnth as I could before cutting the massive knotted matt out. Underneath her scalp was full of weeping sores and her scalp was infested in headlice. Months of pure hair care neglect. She would cry at bathtime and complain of stinging. I tried using a cup but no matter how much I tried she would completely freak out and not allow me to touch her head at bath time at all.

I didn't make a big fuss knowing that those sores would hurt and I didn't want it to be a big issue for her. I took her to the doctors for creams and once the sores started healing she allowed me to use the cup to wash her hair. 

Every time the girls had a bath I would wash Nevaeh's hair the way she'd always loved doing it. The mermaid way. While washing the shampoo and conditioner out I'd always tell her she had beautiful mermaid hair as it sweyed from side to side under the water. 

Justine became intrigued and would help me wash Nevaeh's shampoo and conditioner out saying how soft it was. I'd ask every now and then if she wanted to try the Mermaid way and last week she finally, like Nevaeh, had mermaid hair!

But the breakthrough doesn't just stop there. While she was in the bath tonight she put her ears under the water and called herself a big girl now! Nevaeh and I were so excited for her and she was so proud of herself. Putting her ears under the water used to make her ears hurt. The doctor revealed back in August that she had a build up of wax on her ears after a few nights of ear aches. He gave me an ear spray which we have been using once a week and finally peering into her ears they are completely clear. This was the next step and she did it herself without me saying a thing. 

I'm so incredibly proud of how far she has come and am so thankful to the MooGoo products for making bathtime fun again. Her skin has more moisture, her scalp is looking amazing and check out her face tonight..

Thanks MooGoo!

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Jim Campbell said...

What a lovely story. Well done all around. And what a cute grin to finish off with!

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Oh bless her little heart. Such beautiful smiles on those precious little mermaids xx

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