Thursday, 29 May 2014

All 210 Episodes of Peppa Pig!

Today I was saddened to hear that ABC may be axing the much loved childrens TV program 'Peppa Pig'. Peppa pig has been a major part of my daughters childhood with her spending hours in front of the idiot box watching Peppa and her friends getting themselves in all sorts of michief. My daughter owns the complete 4 seasons of Peppa Pig and even the special Christmas and ABC episodes. So one could say she is very much a Peppa Pig fanatic. When I asked her today what her favorite episode was she replied
When Gorge's Dinosaur gets stuck up the tree and Daddy Pig has to get it down for him
She also loves Rebecca Rabbit and Zoe Zebra the best. 

I myself remember both of the kids giggling and copying these two episodes word for word.

Peppa Pig is a part of our family.
And if they do happen to axe the show.
We'll invite our friends over for a Peppa Pig Spectacle!!
Do you have littlies who too LOVE Peppa Pig?

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Lulu Ewing said...

My youngest daughter is Peppa pig mad! My eldest daughter loved it when she was my youngest's age, as much as i dislike how much of a rude little piggy she is I will be kind of sad to see her go x

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