Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Being a mother to my two beautiful gifts from God is the most amazing blessing in the whole entire world. I take my role as a mother very seriously knowing that it's my sole responsibility as a single mother to raise my children to become independant people in this selfish world.

As I have said before my parenting goal is that when my children leave my home, that they will be independently dependent on God.

Mothers Day morning for me this year wasn't too exciting.
No presents or breakfast in bed or flowers.
No paintings or hand written cards or chocolates.
Just my amazing son laying next to me.

Nevaeh spent most of Mothers Day with her father and family.
She went to visit her "Little Nan" in Seymour with her Pop and Nee Nee.
While she was away I booked us into a local restaurant for tea.
The kids and I wined and Dined at Back to Bacchus for the first time.

The service, food and prices were all phenomenal.
So although my Mothers Day started off a little slow..
We found our new favorite place to eat!
Check them out and you tell me how good they are!!

For now though, head over to my Instagram for a few fun photo booth pics taken of me and the kids before dinner last Sunday Night..

Stay Blessed All. 
Until next time..

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