Monday, 5 May 2014

Ultrasounds and X-rays Today

Nevaeh was so nervous this morning. Probably the most nervous I have ever seen her. Waiting in the waiting room she asked 101 questions about what was going to be happening to her. "Will it hurt?" was what she wanted to know most of all and when her name got called she froze and didn't budge.

Eventually she walked into the ultrasound room and as she sat up on the bed she begged for me to sit with her and hold her hand. She found the gel quite cold at first but giggled at me saying she had a jelly belly. Her nerves subsided as the lady kept talking to her and I stepped back to grab a few quick snaps.

Once the Ultrasound was done it was time to step into the X-ray room with a very friendly and funny bloke. Nevaeh had no nerves this time. She laughed at his many jokes and debated about a heart being in the shape of a heart. He was telling her that it looks more like a pear but she wouldn't have it.

Two pictures were taken before he showed her what her heart actually looked like. "Okay okay okay.. It does look like a pear. A big fat juicy pear actually!" she giggled, making us all burst out and laugh. She got two stickers and asked for another one (of a tiger) for her brother.

All in all it was a positive experience.

We get all her results on Thursday afternoon.

Praying for answers..

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Alecia Simersky said...

What a brave little cutie you have there!! Hoping and praying you get the results back you want. :)

Angel Fuchs said...

Hi there, so sorry you're sweet girl had to go through scary medical tests! Looks like she handled them like a champ. My prayers that the tests show she is nothing but a healthy girl! Hugs!

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