Monday, 26 May 2014


So it's Sunday night, the kids are in bed and the house is at peace. I make a phone call to a friend who has been begging me to call and he and I sit on the phone for about an hour. After the phone call I jump in the shower, put a facemask on and jump into my PJ's. I pull out a movie borrowed from Blockbuster and slip it in. The movie is boring.. The ending is predictable.. Bored I jump into bed and snuggle under my doona. I grab my laptop from beside me and place it on my lap. I check a few emails, browse a few blogs, check Facebook but before long I'm on ebay..

I am not one to usually spend a lot on ebay. I feel really guilty buying for myself. But lately I have been bored with my wardrobe. I wear the same things over and over and over again. I actually really dont like buying clothes or clothes shopping in general. It's hard to find things that fall nicely on me.

Anyhow, an hour into browsing Ebay I found something I liked. And having bought of this seller before I knew it would fit me because I already had the exact same top in a different color. Then I found something else, and something else, and soon I found myself clearing my "watch list" to make room for the things I now wanted.

Here are a few things I bought tonight..

I love this, it's long sleeve and white. 

Also long sleeve but very elegant.

This is the one I already own in navy blue. My fave.
And I love this. Will look great with a loose belt even..
Dressing plus size sucks, I remember when I could go into supre and I could just grab anything size 12-14 and slip into it all nicely.. Now I wear tops that cover my wide hips and curves.. But it's nice when you find something that hides them well. It makes you feel good about yourself. If only for the moment.

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Sophie Hammond said...

Great choices!

Mel Harvey said...

Ebay is so much nicer to use for clothes shopping, as a curvier woman myself I find it hard to get something that fits properly in the shops.

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