Sunday, 18 May 2014

Stepping Out for Sienna!

This morning the kids woke up completely excited about the family fun day happening at St Bernards Church here in Bacchus Marsh. Front Page of the paper last week was an article titled "Step out for Sienna". The article touched a little bit on this young girls courageous battle with Cerebral Palsy and her need for additional care financially. Sienna is one of three, sharing her mothers womb and everyday life with two other siblings, but today the people of our tiny town ventured out for her!

Nevaeh was excited because she knew her favorite kids band "The Kazoos" would be performing! She woke me up excitedly begging to get dressed. With a thumping headache and a throat that felt like razor blades I dialed her fathers number to call in a favor.

For the next 5 minutes I was abused firstly for leaving him with no notice (like you can really organise sick days in advance) and then because of a post on my instagram last night (which was of the kids in shorts and a singlet).  The conversation ended in a racist remark before I hung up. 

Nevaeh was still a jumping jellybean for The Kazoos were in town and I knew it would just shatter her if she couldn't go. So I jumped in the shower and got the kids ready. With a quick stop into the chemest on the way for Strepsils and Panadol, we made our way to the family fun day for Sienna! 

While Nevaeh was front and center at The Kazoos show, Jie begged for a game of shooting. I gave him some cash to have a go and he was amazing. He shot 3 ducks and won three prizes for himself..

The kids got hungry and so for morning tea they payed $2 to design their own individual cup cakes. Nevaeh chose a chocolate Dino with butterfly sprinkles while Jie jazzed his icing up with three kinds of sparkly sprinkles and a marshmallow on the top!

Nevaeh had three games of the fishing game (where you have a rod and have to fish for a magnetic duck, frog or whale) and she won herself three prizes too!!

The kids had a fun family day and we donated what we could for Sienna.

When we got home and after lunch I needed to rest. The kids were amazing keeping the noise to a minimum and making minimal mess as I rested. When dinner time came around they blew me away after I'd explained that I was only going to make toasties as I wasn't up to making a hot meal. There was no fuss and I was able to just get what needed to be done, done. They even put themselves to bed after dinner. I sat up to watch an old favorite but watching a movie alone is not great so I asked each of them if they wanted to come watch it with me. With pop corn and blankets we watched Over The Top together (from different couches) before calling it a night.

Mums sometimes do it tough. But I have great kids. Which makes it just a little easier.
Thanks guys..

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April @ 100lb Countdown said...

Looks like you all had a great day, especially in support of such a good cause. Thanks for sharing with Countdown in Style, Melissa. I think this is the first time here, so "Hi, nice to *meet* you!"

Anonymous said...

Wow what a beautiful cause! Your kids look like they had such a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing about this young girl and your experience at Countdown in Style!

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