Thursday, 8 May 2014

Growing Up!

My baby girls days of being my baby girl are over.

Nevaeh has always been a confident, active and happy child. She had always been outgoing and talkative to everyone she meets and with her out there personality she has amazing social skills.

Nevaeh is smart, and funny, and kind, and loving, and cute and.. and.. I could go on all day..

She is also demanding, highly needing/wanting attention all the time and is always into something.

She almost never sits still.

Since becoming 5 there have been some pretty big changes.

Like wanting to do everything herself.

Like extra chores and responsibilities.

Like walking ahead of her brother and I for a little independence.

Like going from the 4-7 kids range at Target to the 7-14 range.

That's when it hit me.

Looking through the "Big Girls" section of Target today for a jackets and jumpers made me realize just how much she is going to change now.

The 4-7 kids range has so much light pink and light purple little outfits and dresses.

The 7-14 kids range has more blues, salmon, ripped denim and dark pinks and purples.

So gone are now the days of dressing her in sweet innocent girly clothes.

And hello to "teeny bopper" clothes.

She still feels too young to be wearing at least half the things I saw today while shopping.

Even the kids essentials in her size are too grown up for her.

Reality of it all is that my baby is growing up.

And I'm not liking it one bit.

The older she gets - the older I get.


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Jaiza Jumawan said...

hi there! just dropped by your blog! <3 have a nice day! :D


Anonymous said...

Don't despair! You're still younger than me!

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