Monday, 19 May 2014

Nevaehs Test Results:

First of all I'd like to say a big thank you to all who have been praying for Nevaeh. Our family and friends and followers on my networks abroad.

Last week Nevaeh got her results from her blood test, urine tests, untrasounds and xrays.

Everything came back 'normal'. 

Although I am happy that our beautiful girl is happy and healthy I would have liked to have got answers as to why she is constantly craving food and why she is getting pains in the stomach after she eats.

We have now been referred to a pediatrician.

The doctor said that it could be psychological.

I'm worried.

Please continue to pray.. 

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Kelly Parry said...

Looking on the bright side, I'm glad there's nothing majorly wrong with her. I also hope you find out something soon! The body is an amazing thing but there is so much we don't know..

Angel Fuchs said...

I'm in the US. When I was young I always had tummy troubles, vomiting, constipation, frequent belly aches. And I ate a lot and gained lots of weight, an over eater. My mom thought my stomach issues were from being overweight. She'd cut back what she allowed me to have but still I had trouble. When I reached my teens I'd have violent and painful episodes where I'd be so ill I wanted to die. These episodes happened frequently and over the years got more painful. Many trips to doctor and hospital showed nothing, we were always told to watch my diet or given gas or constipation relief medicine. Then I got really sick and an ultrasound found that I had an abnormal and infected gall bladder. It was so inflamed and sick it made other organs sick, including my intestines. I had to have it removed along with several feet of intestines. I almost died. Spent weeks in hospital. All this could have been prevented had they known what to look for, a sick gall bladder, defective since birth, not stones. Maybe have your doctor do more extensive tests on her gall bladder. Oh, and we were also told that my tummy issues were psychological before they found what was really wrong.

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